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    How can I fragment disk in the Windows 10?

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    Originally posted by shripriya View Post
    How can I fragment disk in the Windows 10?
    By Design, all versions of Windows since Windows ver. 3.0 Fragment files, when writing to the Hard drive,, windows and many Free Apps can be used to DE-FRAGMENT YOUR FILES by OPTIMIZING the hard drive..

    How and When to Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows 10

    1.Open the disk optimization tool by searching for "optimize" or "defrag" in the taskbar.

    2.Select your hard drive and click Analyze. Note that if you have a SSD, this option is grayed out and …

    3.Check the percentage of fragmented files in the results. There's no hard and fast rule about how …

    4.If you want to defragment your drive, click Optimize. It's best to do this when you don't need to use …
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      Re: fragment disk

      Hi George, thanks for the article. I am going through this article. Hope I find the solution through it.