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Continual hard drive activity

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  • doniel
    started a topic Continual hard drive activity

    Continual hard drive activity

    A couple of months ago, my hard disk LED suddenly shone red almost without stop. To make a long story short, I just managed to track down the culprit and when I disabled 5 Check Point startups (Endpoint EFR, Endpoint Remediation, SandBlast Agent Cipolla, SandBlast Agent Threat Emulation, SandBlast Agent Updater), the LED finally went back to normal.

    I didn't narrow it down any further because I figure running some and not all of them wouldn't work.

    I'm interested in knowing if anyone else has this problem and if there's a solution / workaround.

    Edit 9/25/2019: Tech support suggested uninstalling and downloading and installing the newest version of ZA, which solved the problem.
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  • djmocsny
    I'm having a similar problem that began when I installed the ZASPSetupWeb_156_121_18102.exe update on my ASUS laptop (on Sept. 16). I had been running previous versions of ZoneAlarm on this computer for years without many problems. Now the laptop's front panel disk activity light stays continuously lit most of the time, and the disk activity in Task Manager stays mostly slammed at or near 100%. Needless to say the computer's responsiveness has degraded, making the computer difficult to use. I've also had a bunch of other strange problems like my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse becoming disabled (never saw that before) which I (fortunately) fixed just by unplugging and replugging the Logitech unifynig receiver from the USB port. I also got the computer stuck on its "restarting..." screen at one point. I had to use my backup computer to browse the Web for the solution to that one (press and hold the Windows logo key + X + hardware power button). Sometimes after the computer has been running for 12+ hours after the last restart, the disk activity decides to calm down, at least intermittently. Strangely, while I can see the new ZoneAlarm anti-ransomware programs generating some disk activity in Task Manager, the bulk of the activity seems to be coming from other programs. But they only decided to start pounding the disk forever after I installed the ZoneAlarm update.

    I suppose I will try reinstalling per your 9/25/2019 note, but I thought I already installed the current version.

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