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ZA scan keeps finding same virus every 2min -

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  • ZA scan keeps finding same virus every 2min -

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    (this is part 2 of my email text - I am experiencing wesite errors JSON unable to parse column 2 row 1 stuff)

    The rest of my system seems to be running fine.

    My only thought is that the file is embedded in with another file/program, and the way it behaves the virus portion is located off my system but the docile program on my computer is sending a computer to it and ZA keeps noticing and treating.

    The results page (the screenshot) does not allow for me copy the results to clipboard...which is annoying and a much needed feature. If there is a way to do that and I am missing it, please advise.

    My other thought would be to Firewall away the internet communication. I stopped all internet activity using ZA and the alerts stopped. Then I started again and it fired right back up.

    Thoughts on how to get to the bottom of this?


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      Part 1

      This just started today and I do not remember installing anything recently. which may make sense as instead of the file having a file location it has a -path- which is to a URL (See screenshot for details) - I went into a virtual OS environment and looked up the main url papaping dot com but it didnt return anything.

      Since it is not a file on my computer, I am unclear on how to get rid of it, or why ZA keeps finding it. Keeps popping up every few min.

      I use Za Pro and also MalwareBytes Pro.


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        The screenshot refer to an infection happening while browsing the net. This may be something in the browser cache that you need to fully purge. It could also be some more persistent virus that inject itself in each browser page. In the latter case you will need to have patience and clean your system. Follow the steps as detailed in this post:
        The above may go up to ask for volunteer cleaning support at bleeping computer.


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          This type of detection from from a secondary system in AV called Web Monitoring.
          You can always tell its a Web Monitoring issue when the Path: is a URL and not a path to a file on your PC.

          Fax is correct that it could be browser cache or something injected itself on each page.
          But your thought about an app on your PC accessing this URL can be correct too.

          Good thing is we are preventing it. But you can quarantine it or add it as an exception because its a website URL.
          You would have to figure out why its happening or turn off Web Monitoring if your annoyed with it.

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