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Expert Firewall Rule, all two Dynamic DNS addresses to RDP into my Computer?

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  • Expert Firewall Rule, all two Dynamic DNS addresses to RDP into my Computer?

    I've been a paying user of ZA for nearly a decade. I contacted support regarding this question and they said they don't support Expert Rules questions, directing me here instead.

    I currently have ZA Extreme Security on 3 computers, one PC in my home, another PC in a family member's home, and on a laptop. I want to be able to RDP into the family member's PC from either of my two computers, but I want the firewall to reject all other RDP connection attempts. I have registered Dynamic DNS addresses for each (, that resolve to whatever IP my ISP or phone provider is giving my device. I have a working rule that allows only to connect as the Source Host/Site, but I cannot add any additional rule that allows to also connect. I spent hours with it, locking myself out of the remote computer numerous times. I tried creating a Group comprising of both dynamic addresses, but the Group refused to save correctly. I finally gave up and opened the RDP port to Any as the Source so I could connect from both computers, but it only took a few days for the family member's PC to lock

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    Hi and welcome,

    sorry very few users use these days expert rules therefore it is unlikely you will receive an answer here (not impossible).
    Most ordinary users just prefer to go directly with dedicated app such as, for example, teamviewer.

    Sorry I cannot be of further help.


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