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How can I get ride of SandBlastBackup folder in 'C Drive'?

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  • How can I get ride of SandBlastBackup folder in 'C Drive'?

    I have paid for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and installed it on Windows 7 for months. I just found a hidden fold with tons of files in C(OS drive) and D(data drive) called "SandBlastBackup", which is getting huge and eating up my SSD. I can not delete them even as an administrator.
    1. What does this folder do?
    2. Can I delete it or periodically delete it? What is the consequence if it is deleted? Can I move/assign this fold to another drive instead of C?

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    Same issue - consuming a lot of space on all my drives now


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      New in ZoneAlarm Extreme Security that came out this year is a component called Anti-Ransomware. This component is essentially the home version of their enterprise Check Point Anti-Ransomware which is part of Check Point Sandblast agent: an endpoint protection product sold by Check Point which is the parent company of ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware function in two ways: Behavior Detection and Honeypots. Behavior Detection, as the name suggestions, checks for Behavior anomalies in active processes, and takes care of any bad ones. Honeypots, which is relevant to your issue, are files planted by Anti-Ransomware solutions to assist in capturing ransomware. Folders titled "SandblastBackup" or such are honeypots. If these files get encrypted, Anti-Ransomware kicks in to stop the attack, and reverse any recorded damage. Honeypots are essential for the Anti-Ransomware component to work, and should NOT be deleted. If you do want to delete it, I think it is very difficult if you do not have tech expertise.

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        Additionally, the ZA anti-ransomware keep constantly track of recent changes on the system/files to be able to revert data to its original state in case of a
        Ransomwareattack. If you remove that folder you also remove the ability of the software to revert undesired changes.

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          Much appreciated!


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            Sometimes a software package will install files on your computer without your permission and not allow them to be deleted or moved. Those files might take up a lot of space, but there is nothing that can be done if some software takes over your machine and you cannot even delete the files as an administrator.

            That is typical. When it is ZoneAlarm doing that, it's odd and a little ironic, no?

            Per ZA tech support, the only way to get rid of those files - that ZA created on your machine without your permission - is to wipe the misbehaving software from your hard drive and reinstall it. Yes, that is right: Because some security software has messed with your machine, you have to do a reinstall.