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Windows 10 Ver 1903 does not work well with ZA Pro antivirus + firewall

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  • Windows 10 Ver 1903 does not work well with ZA Pro antivirus + firewall


    I'm facing some difficulties in installing ZA Pro Antivirus + Firewall into a Windows 10 Ver 1903 machine.

    I have reformated this machine twice ( inclusive of zero writing the harddrive to get rid of the old files) and then
    reinstall with Windows 10 Ver 1903. Then I installed ZA Pro Antivirus + Firewall (licensed) into it.

    And each time, I checked with the machine's OS, it stated that there is NO web protection and NO anti spyware.
    I also independently checked this machine by installing Webroot which has an analyzer for anti spyware.
    It also stated that the machine has NO antispyware installed.

    While at the same time, ZA display that "Your computer is secure" with indications that Anti Spyware is ready?

    I chat with ZA Tech Support and they suggest that I reset the ZA settings to default, which I did and to no avail.

    I wonder if any members here had encountered the same issue. I had installed ZA into Windows 7 laptops and
    there wasn't any problem.

    It does seems that Windows 10 Version 1903 OS does not work well with ZA Pro ?

    Any suggestion to alleviate this issue is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    This is a newly (totally reformatted) machine with newly installed Windows 10 OS. I'm at wits end as I have wasted 5 days doing
    the same thing twice and yet there is no web protection.

    Looks like Win 10 1903 clashes with ZA as I have no problem with other older machines with Windows 7


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      Looks like you have some issue there beyond ZA as even after a reformat you still have Webroot product installed on the system.

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        fax , Webroot was installed only after ZA has display NO web protection. Webroot has an analyzer function which can test to
        check whether antispyware is turned on or not. I have installed Webroot just as a second check for web protection.

        So now both Windows 10 and Webroot have indicated that there is NO web protection or NO antispyware!

        I have use the Minitool Partition wizard to wipe drive and the partition of this hard drive and that no files can survive this wiping
        and it was done twice.


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          You will see something under Web Protection only if you use windows defender and not any other AVs So, you can simply ignore it.
          Actually I am not sure why you even get that empty option as I don't see it here at all (yes I am also on 1903 64bit). So, still something not really clear on your setup.
          Try not to overlap AVs, if you are happy with ZA then use it and remove webroot or vice versa.

          Thank you,

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            I too had issues with ZA Extreme Security after update to win10 1903.
            After about 2 weeks and several hours with tech support, finally solved problem by doing a clean install (uninstalling ZA, then running a beta version of their cleaning software (CLEAN-BETA.exe), then downloading and installing the latest version of the software.
            Hope this helps.


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              Thanks Splinterd1
              Where can I get this CLEAN-BETA.exe ? Support hasn't response to my request yet


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                I went on their support page and started a chat session,

                You might ask about it and see if there is anything I have left out.

                Unistall ZA, restart
                Use CLEAN-BETA.EXE, restart
                Install latest version of ZA
                (the Clean-beta.exe, I think, removes some ransomware data or component that wasn't being remove with the old exe file.


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                  Thanks Splinterd1

                  According ZA tech support, I cannot use Clean-Beta.exe to uninstall as my licensed ZA software is ZA Pro + Firewall

                  Clean-Beta.exe is for uninstalling ZA Extreme security with Ransomware.

                  I think there is a bug with ZA which cannot work well with the Win 10 ver 1903 , ZA Tech support is now escalating the issue with their development team.

                  I just read about some disturbing reviews on ZA in the below link

                  ZA antiransomware looks like a lemon and has brought the reputation of ZA down to the ground. We have done preliminary tests with the free ZA antiransomware
                  for about a month, before we decided to buy ZA Pro + Firewall version (which is without antiransom ware and keylogger )

                  During our tests, we found out that ZA antiransomware uses huge resources and slows down our system, that's why we decided
                  against purchasing it.