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    1. I have ZoneAlarm set to do automatic updates & I normally manually update it prior to doing a scan.

    Does the Manual Update trigger a full program update or does it only update the definitions?

    2. Something was triggered on our system about a week ago when my wife was on the system which sent her to a website for a ZoneAlarm update.

    Would that have been a legitimate update request or a scam?

    It may seem strange to ask that, but it the past I have been supposedly sent to websites to update well known & highly regarded software that I did not use at that time so I am sure that they were website scams.

    It is hard to always be sure what is legitimate & what is not.
    I hate the way that updates for Windows software is such a mess of systems so you can never be totally sure what is real.
    So many software having their own individual "Start Up" entries for updating them is also a problem that really needs addressing.
    Some of them will send you to a web site for update so that also adds to confusion as to whether a redirect to a website is legitimate or not.

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    1. Manual update also triggers ZA components update
    2. I also have seen this pop-up which redirected me to the ZA website. I already have the latest version therefore there was nothing to update. In any case always check well the website address or simply go manually to a website.

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