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Expert Rules and Adding custom ports

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  • Expert Rules and Adding custom ports

    This features are only in premium products and not in the free versions.

    If you’re an advanced user, custom port permissions and expert rules give you detailed control of traffic based on source, destination, port, protocol, and other factors.

    Programs that require incoming connections will now not be reachable because all incoming traffic are blocked by default.

    In order to specify the specific incoming ports you would like to allow traffic on a per program basis.Under Application Control > View Programs.From the Program List select the program and click the Option button and then select the Expert Rules tab > Click Add in order to create expert firewall rules.

    You can also open ports globally by allowing system wide access to ports on your computer via the Firewall screen.Advanced Firewall > View Zones > Expert Rules > Click Add in order to create expert firewall rules.

    Be cautious: Even if you can open ports globally by allowing system wide access to ports.I would advice not going that route.Unless you really have the need to do so.

    Where on allowing require incoming connections on a per program basis.The ports will only open when you run the program.

    Firewall protection:

    Creating expert firewall rules:

    Note: When the rules are applied, make sure the Track option is set to Alert and Log.In case you need to edit the rules.Check the logs and see that the rule was enforced.

    Very excellent tutorial of older version on Creating Expert Rules, but same principal applies:

    The default security levels determine which ports and protocols are allowed and which are blocked.If you are an advanced user, you can change the definition of the security levels by changing port permissions and adding custom ports.

    Default port permission settings:

    Adding custom ports:

    Hopefully this will provide some basic knowledge.You can always use the Help Menu.

    Reminder, you need to know what require incoming ports need to be opened for the programs you want to create expert rules for.So do some research.

    Note: ZoneAlarm technical support will not help on specific support on creating expert rules.
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