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  • Uninstall reinstall

    Hi guys after getting a message to update my firewall it said I had to uninstall the old one first. I uninstalled it but it stuck at 100% and the screen wouldn't go so I had to restart the pc. When it restarted it installed the new version itself, but after it had finished the pc said no fire wall was on and the zonealarm icon just kept saying zonealarm initiating. So I went to remove programs and removed zone alarm and the zone alarm tool, then restarted. Then went to the zone alarm website and installed latest version from there. This has now worked the the zonealarm firewall is now on . I have checked the logs and there are some entries in there and it says that everything is protected. But I haven't had any pop ups saying to allow or disallow even when I went on the internet for the first time after install. Is this working ok? I'm just worried with all the installing and uninstalling it won't be working as well. Or am I just over thinking it? Thanks from jane

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    Re: Uninstall reinstall

    Yeap, its working fine. At install ZA application control is set to AUTO (learning mode) after a week or two of use you can move it to MAX and you will be warned of new applications, if unknown to ZA.


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      Re: Uninstall reinstall

      I just thought there would of been one alert to allow internet explorer to go on the internet?