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  • won't install

    it doesn't matter which zonealarm I install, it does not install and then locks down my internet connection.

    9, 10, 11, 12, 13, which version makes no diffeence.
    It runs the install, places a logo in my lower right toobar, then it goes away, then it comes back, then it goes away, and it doesn't work, period.
    I was running 10 for years, and this happened a few days ago, when I noticed my logo was gone and wouldn't come back up and stay up.

    zclient is not in my startup, anymore, either and none of the install puts it there, either.

    windows 7, running as owner or admin, either way.

    It is as if something is blocking the installation and doing something with it.

    I uninstall it and my system comes back, and my internet works.

    I have cleaned my registry, fully, removing anything checkpoint software ,or zonealarm, or zonelabs, etc. and tried it more than several times.
    It is getting ridiculous. And I don't get it.

    yes, I have run all of the virus scanners, adware, etc ,softwares to make sure it is cleaned up before I start each installation try.

    what the heck is up with my zone alarm?