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ZA such a pain in the neck trying to uninstall Zone Alarm?

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  • ZA such a pain in the neck trying to uninstall Zone Alarm?

    However, the method is not for the faint of heart. I simply cannot recommend an average user to follow this method (all XP Pro systems here).....

    Now, for the life of me I cannot understand why ZoneAlarm developers cannot program the application such that the removal or uninstallation is a straightforward process and cleans up the registry. Are they careless, incompetent or both? Consequently, I am recommending everyone who contacts me to stay clear of ZA. And I am also strongly recommending whoever asks to bite the bullet and remove Zone Alarm.

    All this smacks of Norton Antivirus practices which is notorious for being very difficult to remove -- corrupts registries and everything. Or is leaving ZA enteries around the registry some "brilliant" idea of some trying-to-can-do marketing executive or of some thinks-knows-about-technology over enthusiastic development manager?

    Finally, perhaps I am missing something and that the "Uninstall" option in Zone Alarm actually does perform a clean uninstall. Is there anyone who can confirm this is correct?

    Has-been-happy-user of ZA.
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    Re: ZA such a pain in the neck trying to uninstall Zone Alarm?

    Sorry to hear about your problems with ZA. Please note that we are all users here, if you have a valid license its best to report your issues directly to ZA technical support (there is a live text chat).

    For the rest, in case of problems, after having tried to uninstall ZA from the windows control panel you can use the dedicated ZA removal tool to ensure left overs of ZA are removed. You can download the tool here:

    Thank you,

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