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  • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security URL/File Submission

    Hi, I would just like to know how to send URL's and files to ZA for investigation? Most answers I've seen are redirects to Kaspersky VirusDesk since ZA does use Kaspersky's engines. My problem is that the malicious URL I want investigated,, is in fact detected by Kaspersky, but not blocked by ZA. Is there a reason why? And this is also the reason why I think it's a great idea to have ZA's own file/URL submission service.

    Note: is a tech support scam/browser hijack page

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    Re: ZoneAlarm Extreme Security URL/File Submission

    In this case I would recommend to contact the official ZA technical support at the link provided at the top of the announcement box or following the link in my signature.

    Before contacting ZA support please be sure to be on the latest version of ZA Extreme. We are at version Latest version can be download at the following address:
    (mind to choose the right installer).

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