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  • not-a-virus

    When doing an Antivirus scan and a file comes up in the "treatment" window, what is this "not-a-virus" filename ?

    I know cracks etc are all potential flagged as a virus because they have the same behavior. but who puts this in tag in the file name ? Is this flagged by ZA, telling me the file is "ok" ?
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    Re: not-a-virus


    please the information provided by Kaspersky about the detection of a "not-a-virus".

    Generally speaking, Kaspersky Internet Security associates “not-a-virus” with two types of applications: adware and riskware. Both types are not malicious by nature, so they cannot be called viruses. Still, users should know that they are installed; the applications may do something unwanted.

    Up to you to decide what to do depending on the type of risk associated to the specific detection which is not readable in your screenshot.

    P.S. Please note that ZA does not support any running on VM. Therefore if all works well no problem but if you have an issue you will know why.

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      Re: not-a-virus

      After doing a complete scan, about 13 hours, ZA came back with 8 malicious files. Listing type as virus and risk as medium. Under "Virus name" it has not-a-virus:UDS:AdWare.Win32.Conduit.gen. Under"File name" are listed ZA files like ZASPSetupWeb_130_208_000.exe one file is CUninstallerZA.EXE
      These files are really old so have this


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        Re: not-a-virus

        1.) not-a-virus means those files were suspicious but determined not to be a virus at this time..

        2.) the current Supported version of Zone Alarm Extreme Security is now Available for Download for Free to Registered Users: (10/15/18) check the Link posted in the Yellow Bulletin at the top of this Forum page.. click on DOWNLOAD HERE:

        3.) note: at the very top is a special link to the Windows XP SP3 version of WINDOWS:

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