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Win10 1903 and Free Firewall issue?

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  • Win10 1903 and Free Firewall issue?

    Hi experts,
    I recently upgrade 2 PC's to Win10 1903 release and on both machines having 12Mb of RAM installed, I noticed a strange behavior.After install completion, the system was awfully slow to react and checking the Performance monitor, I noticed that ZA was using somewthing like 30 to 50% of the CPU power. This was using either the latest or the previous I used...

    Maybe it has nothing to do with it but on one machine I went back to Win10 1809 and everything became normal again and the same happened to the other machine where I decided to uninstall ZA, remaining with 1903...

    Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers from Paris, France


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    YES! As soon as I had the mandatory May windows update completed, Zonealarm firewall was pegging one or two threads/cpu of my Ryzen 2700X at 100% useage after about 5 minutes after reboot. Did clean install, no help. If I turn of ZA and use windows firewall all apps, firefox, windows explorer, programs, ect. stop freezing and work perfectly like before. I sent logs and they are looking into it. Not sure if this is a Ryzen issue with thread handling, but no reason it should work for 5 years and then windows update and now it makes the computer unusable. Going back to windows firewall till they release a new version or fix this. I sure hope the techs read this forum and respond.