So after Microsoft released Xbox game Pass i bought it and trying to install games on PC.
Long story short Zone alarm is blocking some fundamental things in that Xbox app so i cant install anything - it just end up with error.
After reinstalling windows and contacting Microsoft support i discovered that uninstalling (and you just need to start uninstalling no need for restart your pc) all problems are gone games are working.
Tested it few times and zone alarm is blocking even changing options in some games (Torment: Tides of numera as example)
Anyone has any hint how i fix that problem im using zone alarm quite some time now and i prefer not to change it but its way to cumbersome to uninstall it every time i need to download anything.
Best is not ALL games are affected some work and i can download them even with working zone alarm. Probably some new service that is introduced with may update is being blocked by zone alarm but i cant pinpoint what to do to prevent that.