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    ok short and sweet..I did the update for 2017 for xp and it showed on my add and remove as 2016 and all of a sudden i got the update your 2017 again basically..I thought I did something wrong...well i removed and updated now it is running at all and your tech ZA is blaming me saying my file is corrupt of course..umm..everything else works but you I cannot remove it because I cannot find it on add and remove..where the **** is it and how do I take it off so I can have the 2016 on again since it was right.... considering I am brain injured, alone and go into seizures and need the computer protected because this is my mainstay..I hope you guys can help since this is your glitch...

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    Re: Wierd update issue

    Sorry all users here no official ZA technical support. If you have a valid license always best to go back to ZA support and keep asking support.

    If you are using a free version then there is no official support. Its not clear which kind of version of ZA you are using. I seem to understand you are still running windows XP.

    If you cannot remove ZA then try with their removal tool:

    Save the file to your desktop, run it then reboot the PC

    Now install again ZA for windows XP that you find here:
    Please mind to choose the right installer for the version you had installed.

    If you are on XP ignore any request to update ZA as the above is the last available for XP.


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