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Registry alert popup.

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  • Registry alert popup.

    I keep getting a popup from ZA about a registry key being blocked.
    Avast! scan is clear.
    MBAM scan is clear.
    MBAM from Safe Mode is clear.

    Any ideas as to what the problem is?

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    Re: Registry alert popup.


    yes, rather normal to see ZA protecting its registry entries. Nothing to worry about. However, normally you should not see a pop-up about it as these alerts are only recorded in the logs.
    Therefore unless you have changed settings in ZA you should not be seen these pop-ups and it may indicate that your ZA databases are corrupted.

    Which exact version of ZA are you using? Right click the ZA icon near the clock, about, copy to clipboard, paste it in a response. Remove the license key if applicable.


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      Re: Registry alert popup.

      ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version: 15.0.653.17211
      Vsmon version: 15.0.653.17211
      Driver version:

      I haven't made any changes to my system other than regular W7 updates.
      No programs installed recently.
      I just updated ZA's program.
      I will see in the next week or so if I get another popup.
      If you have anything else to add to this issue please chime in.

      Ran MBAM from SAFE MODE with a root scan, nothing to report.
      avast! reports nothing on a full system scam.
      RAM and CPU usage is normal.

      The last thing I want is a Zero Access Root Kit in my system, I've been malware removal for over 10 years and I don't want to throw away my new OS SSD.


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        Re: Registry alert popup.

        If you see it again then you may need to reset the ZA settings to default (ZA tools, preferences, reset to default).
        Otherwise, for the rest (rootkits), just be sure you are running a solid anti-malware program and you have a good backup strategy.

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