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PC won't boot after ZoneAlarm Free update

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  • PC won't boot after ZoneAlarm Free update

    Hi guys, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    The issue is with mu wife's laptop which is a Win7 Home Premium machine that does very little work. She had ZoneAlarm Free firewall and anti-virus installed. I used ZoneAlarm years ago when I had a Windows machine, but every other computer in the house is now Linux based so ZoneAlarm doesn't feature on them any more.

    We have been overseas for a month, and got home yesterday. My wife booted her laptop to check e-mail, and got a notification to update Zone-Alarm. She clicked the OK button and let it go.

    Today, her computer won't boot correctly. It gets through the preliminaries and offers the selection of which user account to log into. (There are three user accounts - all administrator level, my wife's of course, plus my son and myself have an account purely because our respective car GPS systems only have Windows software available to update maps, which is installed on m,y wife's laptop, as the only windows machine in the place.)

    Once the user account and password are entered, the screen just goes black, with the arrow cursor available, and that's it...

    The Program Manager window can be opened, and indicates that something like 60% CPU is being used by the "NT System, Kernel" process, and a great amount of data is flowing to the internet. It will stay like this indefinitely.

    The same thing happens in all user accounts.

    If I boot to Safe Mode WITH network access, again the same thing happens.

    If I boot to Safe Mode WITHOUT network access, the account logs in as normal.

    So, running in safe mode, I tried to do a virus scan in ZoneAlarm. The application opened, and a scan was selected, but the scan did not actually start happening. The Scanner window opened, but remained at 0% complete, with 0 files scanned, and the timer did not advance from 00:00.00. It sat like this for quite some time. The same thing happened with all scan types - quick, full, etc.

    The general information screen of the ZoneAlarm application also indicated that the computer had NEVER been scanned, and that the Anti-Virus definitions had NEVER been updated. I know it has been installed for several years at least, and updated regularly, because she asks me every time if she should do it...

    Also, the Zone Alarm Settings window would open, but would not save any changes to the settings.

    If not for the GPS Map Update software, I'd wipe the hard disk and install Linux! But that would be unpopular with she that dislikes change, so can anyone suggest an alternative path forward?...

    Many thanks in anticipation,


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    Re: PC won't boot after ZoneAlarm Free update


    what you describe in SAFE MODE without networking is rather normal, ZA does not work at all in this mode.

    Assuming its a ZA issue then simply remove ZA from windows 7 control panel -uninstall a program- while in Safe Mode WITHOUT networking. Then reboot the PC and you should be back to normal.


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      Re: PC won't boot after ZoneAlarm Free update

      The current update seems to have a serious problem with Win 7.

      I had to permanently uninstall ZA from the Win 7 machine. Latest update just does not work right.

      I was fine until that update. I am trying to get a clean install of a prior version, but so far they are all polluted by fragments of the new one, and then they toast the computer performance to where it take 10 seconds or more to respond to a mouse click..

      I had 100% CPU utilization until I permanently uninstalled latest ZA.


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        Re: PC won't boot after ZoneAlarm Free update

        Same problem here. Started with free version of ZoneAlarm on Win7 x64.

        This weekend (I think), after some update it was out of date and had to be upgraded. So yesterday bought Zonealarm PRO antivirus and Firewall.

        Received the email with license code and link to download file. Installed, no errors, everything seems fine. After restart -> black screen with mousepointer.

        Only way to solve this is to F8 during bootloop, safe mode, de-install.

        Next; used ZA clean utility to completely remove everything. After that, re-installed. Same problem.

        Any suggestions?