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Free Firewall impossible to download, any version

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  • Free Firewall impossible to download, any version

    Hi. I have a Lenovo g-510 with 8GB RAM, Windows 8.1.
    I tried to download the last one ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, and also other 3 previous version, for desperation. In every case, even unabling my Avast Antivirus and Windows Firewall, the installer after a while - not downloading anything - tell me something like that: "Some file are not downloaded. Try to check your connection and try again".
    And - as you can imagine - my connection is perfect, I open any site I desire, and download all I want except those mysterious files.
    I looked for a standalone version, but I met only fake suggestions by some stupid site.
    I ask help for this my hard problem.
    Thank You