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  • cxz7410
    started a topic Color coded alerts

    Color coded alerts


    Some years ago I used Zone alarm firewall.

    One of the functions that I really liked was the alerts which were displayed with a color code to identify severity.

    I recently tried the 2017 version and, to my surprise, all the alerts had the same color.

    Has Checkpoint abandoned the color coded alerts or have I missed something?


  • GeorgeV
    Re: Color coded alerts


    That feature was last included in ZA Version 3 or 4
    Since then, Zone Alarm has Evolved and Completely Re-designed and Re-Written from Scratch several time to Keep up with Security Needs and Ever changing Threats, and the Many Changes to Todays Operating Systems..


    PS: Here is a Further Explanation for the Removal of the Color coded Alerts:
    During the Redesign of Zone Alarm as it Evolved to keep up with New Threats, the program grew in size and required more Drive space,
    so to reduce the growing size to a minimum to allow the program to run faster, any feature that did not improve the Security provided by Zone Alarm,
    were just taking up needed Space and may have been removed during the Redesign to make Zone Alarm more efficient..
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