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Windows XP - Internet Browsing EXTREMELY Slow (Painful)

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  • Windows XP - Internet Browsing EXTREMELY Slow (Painful)

    Good morning,

    Yes, it's true . . . I still have a Windows XP desktop that I dearly LOVE! It is running Windows XP Pro SP3. Installed ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Version which runs along with Avast Free Anti-Virus Version 17.5.2302.

    Regular applications (outside of Internet) are not too bad, but OMG! No matter what browser I use, my Internet browsing is rendered almost useless (including my Yahoo email). I have done much troubleshooting, have made various changes to both ZoneAlarm and Avast configurations with no luck. If I disable ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, everything speeds up back to normal. BUT, I need a firewall!

    So, any help, suggestions, recommendations would be HUGELY appreciated. This has been enormously frustrating and I know there MUST be a way to fix this . . . . RIGHT?? :-) Thanks, in advance, to any help anyone can give.

    Sheila Q.

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    Re: Windows XP - Internet Browsing EXTREMELY Slow (Painful)

    You could try to add all possible ZA components to AVAST exclusion list. AVAST may be interfering with ZA. Or may be you don't have enough memory as browsing applications can absorb a lot of RAM.

    Have you tried perhaps to use the free ZA firewall with the antivirus and removing AVAST to see if it makes any difference? This way you will know if it is AVAST not playing nice with ZA.


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