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Block WAN but maintain LAN access

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  • Block WAN but maintain LAN access

    Some firewalls (e.g. Comodo) have the ability to block WAN access while still allowing LAN connections. Can ZA do this? If not, can you please add a suggestion for this feature to be added. Thank you.

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    Re: Block WAN but maintain LAN access

    Sorry all users here no ZA development staff. You can post suggestions in the specific section "product feedback" which is reviewed by ZA staff from time to time.

    Retails versions of ZA should be able to achieve that via the firewall expert rules (never used them therefore I cannot help on creating it). Expert rule are not included in the free version. The free version should come with a "panic button", stop all internet activity (via the right click of the ZA tray icon), which however I think blocks everything.

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