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unwanted SandBlastBackup file in 'C Drive'

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  • unwanted SandBlastBackup file in 'C Drive'

    I have Zonealarm Free Firewall installed on Win. 10. I noticed a file with 'hidden' attribute in my local C Drive last week. The file is 'SandBlastBackup'. I found documents I shredded in April appear in this file. I tried to remove or delete these should-be-shred documents but errors came up saying that I need administrator permission to do it. After clicking 'yes', the pop up screen stills says 'you need administrator permission'.

    Question 1,
    How come this set of backup related to the firewall software installed without me knowing?

    Question 2,
    How can I remove the backuped documents in the file C:\SandBlastBackup?

    Question 3,
    How do I prevent this function installed again after removing it while only keep the free firewall?

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    Re: unwanted SandBlastBackup file in 'C Drive'


    this has already been discussed at length in the following thread:

    Please use the forum search function before posting. In particular please review the following post:

    All your questions are addressed in the above thread, do not hesitate to continue there if you have additional issues.

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