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Unable to Modify Zones (Add or Remove Items)

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  • Unable to Modify Zones (Add or Remove Items)

    I won't go into why, but I often need to make changes to the zones in ZoneAlarm free firewall, and I am unable to.

    If I try to add or remove something (a host or IP address usually), I can add it and click OK, and everything seems fine (I get no errors), but when I go back in to look at the zones again, they're exactly as they were before I made the changes. Anything I deleted is still there, and anything I added isn't.

    The only way I can make changes to zones once that starts happening, is to completely reset ZoneAlarm to default (in Preferences). I'll then be able to modify zones, but only until I restart the computer. After that, the zones are locked again.

    It's quite inconvenient to have to reset the config., reboot, then set everything up again from scratch, every time I want to make a change.

    I have the same problem on all 4 of my computers, two of which are running Windows 7, one Windows 10, and the other Windows Server 2008 R2. I've installed (and re-installed) ZoneAlarm on each one at different times, so they're all probably running a slightly different version, but on my Windows 10 laptop, the version is

    If anyone is able to help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Unable to Modify Zones (Add or Remove Items)

    This is normally happening if ZA is conflicting with software installed on the system(s) which systematically blocks ZA to work correctly (saving settings). It can be also from windows registry policy, if you have customised it. Finally other security, backup, imaging, cloning tools could be conflicting.

    The only way to troubleshoot is via MSconfig to remove anything running except basic MS services (any third party services and application running at boot). This is a long and painful process which requires some computer skills.

    An example is here:
    This is an old post so instructions and things to disable may vary.

    Good luck!
    P.S. you may want to start clean with version 15.3. :
    PS. II: ZA (any version) does not support server versions of the OS.
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      Re: Unable to Modify Zones (Add or Remove Items):

      Hi, You can do this by manipulating the back-up file... Save the settings, open the file with NotePad and manually add the zones you wish to add, and save the file then and make a restore using the modified file.
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