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Forum Guidelines - updated 04 August 2009

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  • Forum Guidelines - updated 04 August 2009

    Forum Guidelines

    The ZoneAlarm User Community Forums is provided by Check Point Software Technologies as a service to users of our ZoneAlarm , ZoneAlarm Anti-virus, and ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarm Security Suite, and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security firewall products. We welcome you, and ask that you abide by the following community guidelines when you are posting to the forums (these are in addition to the Terms of Use you agreed to when registering with us).

    Stay on topic. Please refrain from postings that are not relevant to ZoneAlarm, firewall issues, and network security. Off-topic conversations should be moved to the Off-Topic board, BUT, it is not a general chat board.

    Play well with others.Do NOT indulge in personal attacks or gratuitous bashing of companies or their products. Venting occasional frustration is acceptable, but please keep the focus on the productive exchange of ideas. This Forum is for users to help each other, so all posts should be dedicated to that.

    NEVER post your license key, email address, or any personal information here!This is a PUBLIC Forum. Anyone can read the posts here. Also, search engines cache most pages on this Forum. For your own online safety, follow these guidelines and rules!!

    Keep it clean and legal. Please do not post, or link to sites that contain, material that is pornographic or obscene, that incites hate, or that violates applicable copyright. Do NOT post potentially dangerous links (including registry hacks that will void any support for your product), or unauthorized software links!Do not include advertising in posts. And do NOT post confidential information, including anything received from anyone at ZoneAlarm/Check Point Software Technologies, without their permission!

    Do NOT try to sidestep Forum Guidelines. Do not attempt to get around theautomatic profanityfilters. The message rating system is here to help everyone. Abusing it to "get back" at someone you disagree with, is grounds for being banned. This also includes creating multiple accounts on this Forum to "get back" at others.

    Be responsible to the Forum. Do not attempt to compromise the security of theForum or its members by attempting to gain access to private member information (including passwords), or by attempting to hack the servers that host the Forum.

    NEVER post material that is protected: This includes but is not limited to emails from ZoneAlarm or Check Point Software Technology employees, personal email addresses, etc. You may repost here what is publicly available however.

    Use only a legitimate email address to sign up. We may have a need to contact you regarding any account problems, and can only use the verified email address, therefore "throwaway email accounts" are prohibited. If we try to contact you and find the email address is invalid, the account will be BANNED.

    Be nice to your Helpful Gurus.Remember that everyone here is auser. The Gurus have chosen to go above and beyond in helping others, providing valued, voluntary support to other users here. Senior Contributors have also shown that they are nice friendly users who can often help other users as well.

    Avoid politics and any sensitive topics. This is a security forum for firewall discussion, not a general chat board. Don't post any inflammatory topics.

    Please bring any posts that you feel violate any of these guidelines to the attention of the moderator by clicking on the Report AbuseTo Moderator linkfrom within the message.

    ZoneAlarm/Check Point Software Technologies reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to edit or delete posts that are contrary to these guidelines (or to our Terms of Use), and to warn or ban users who violate them. We may update these Guidelines at any time, without notice.

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